It's all about the DETAILS !

We understand that a big part of a complete and functional standing seam roof installation is paying attention to the details.

We pride ourselves in using proven traditional and modern techniques for addressing things like:  Vent stacks, roof transitions, wall flashing, chimney flashing, skylights, ridge seams and ridge vents.  

These are just a few of the critcal components to be considered for a weather tight installation.

For more information on any of the following items, click linked text or image below.

Chimney Flashing Technique(s)   Chimney Flashing
Chimney Flashing Technique(s)

Typical step flashing detail tying into a new standing seam metal roof.  

Roof Penetrations   Roof Penetrations
Roof Penetrations

Vent Stack  

Wall Flashing   Wall Flashing
Wall Flashing

Hand-formed wall flashing is often integrated into the roof pans.  

Valley Flashing   Valley Flashing
Valley Flashing

Finished valley flashing with neatly tucked edges and clean lines!  

Ridge Caps   Ridge Caps
Ridge Caps

Ridge caps can be functional and beautiful!  

Ridge Seams   Ridge Seams
Ridge Seams

Double folded hand formed ridge seam.  

Flat Metal Roofing   Flat Metal Roofing
Flat Metal Roofing

Flat areas of metal roofing can present unique challenges.  

Transition Flashing   Transition Flashing
Transition Flashing

Complicated roof transition areas.  

Lead Flashing   Lead Flashing
Lead Flashing

Lead flashing is a great choice for complicated areas as it is malable and very durable.